We kill people, who kill people, to show that killing people is wrong.


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Totoro Baby

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It’s cute how some ppl think that China’s still communist just bc they had a communist revolution in 1949, although the whole world knows that Chinese workers are being exploited through capitalist processes. 


Yeah after 1949 most of China’s population lived in absolute poverty, then they opened up their markets in the 80’s to ‘capitalist processes’ and ‘exploitation’ in and poverty just-



If you don’t think capitalism is the tightest shit then get out of my face.

Wow, Republicans are delusional as fuck. The point is that nowadays ppl criticize China for being a communist state that’s exploiting its workers. Well, apparently it’s not communist but Chinese workers are indeed being exploited and oppressed massively and often do not even get paid at all. Do you know how many Chinese workers see suicide as the last way out of their misery? Why don’t you go and ask them, the ppl on the OTHER side of capitalism if they think it’s ”the tightest shit”, the people who work long shifts in poor conditions and job insecurity and have to live off of less than 1$ a day or maybe a little more than a dollar. THOSE are way more than 4% FYI.

I wanna see all the rich white capitalist idiots working in those factories. Being stuck in that situation, they’re certainly not gonna think that “capitalism is the tightest shit” after an 18 hour shift in a factory without fresh air, without pause and then going back home to a tiny ass apartment where 20 other poor workers live together bc they can’t afford anything better. Have fun.

Btw, I know what video these screencaps are from and tbh “Learn Liberty” is the most biased shit ever. They even say that without capitalists keeping poor black Africans on a leash they would all starve themselves to death. Really? Are you fucking kidding me?

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uchuuni replied to your video “Nema Nazad | Milica Todorović”

that boy is 2much omggg <3____<3

lmaooooooo i’ve really missed you, Mitchell.


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text analysis is something that is regularly required in order to successfully participate in the process of communication
*takes deep fucking breath*
and the fact that so many of you fail to do it while spitting out reels of bullshit and regarding yourselves as some god damn intellectuals is a damn fuckin shame.